Belle Vie / 23

DSC_0934DSC_0935DSC_0945DSC_0950DSC_09291. Above where Ryan and I rest our heads.
2. Some of our plant babies. My jade and cactus are not doing too well right now, there just is not enough sunlight in our apartment. But Ryan is such a good plant papa, I’m not too worried about it.
3. On Tuesday, Meaghan and I went to the Canadian Whisky Cocktail Competition at The Drake to support our friend Lindsay who was a finalist in the competition. The Drake is a rather famous hotel/restaurant/bar in Toronto. But it’s the sort of place I avoid most of the time…If you live in Toronto, you understand. I normally only head there for fun events…Oscar viewing party, watching the gold medal game for hockey in the Olympics…that sort of thing. And now a cocktail competition. It was so much fun, and I now have a much greater appreciation for bartender’s craft.
4. Lindsay doing her thing! It was so neat to watch her craft her drink – she put a lot of work into her cocktail. I’m just sad that I didn’t end up getting to try it. Meg and I got to try most drinks because we stationed ourselves right at the front of the bar, but her drink didn’t end up getting passed in our direction.
5. The cloud baby. So thankful for this guy each and every day.

SpOoOky Ghosts

ZWcxSdyDXvL02gwzHalloween is right around the corner, and to get into the spirit (no pun intended), I thought I’d share these images by artist, Angela Deane, of her hand painted generic ghosts on found photographs. While the ghosts are actually quite adorable, there is an undeniably haunting quality to Angela’s work. And with the images being film and polaroids, there is a feeling of nostalgia which only emphasizes the spooky notions these images conjure. Such a simple idea, and yet so striking and original. I’m an instant fan, and these images are getting me excited for the spooky Halloween shoot Ryan and I have planned.

ghosts1klasnfklsnaghosts2nldglkandf ghosts3lkspdmgklds ghosts4lkwnsfkn_a ghosts5okdsngkslamga ghosts6lpaenmglam3 ghosts7posjfmlMA2 ghosts8l.nv_k.ndzas2 ghosts9olaksfnklans2 ghosts10odnganlk2 ghosts11alnsfklnas.fvnx0wy2RyVpNEhkU

If The Shoe Fits

DSC_0908Shoes are another item I don’t buy often. I own a lot of shoes, but most of them don’t get worn on a regular basis (and were bought years and years ago when I used to buy things just for the sake of buying something). In some respects, I am a hoarder of shoes. I have a very hard time letting go of them, so the huge shoe rack I have filled is mostly made up of shoes that I keep solely for “what if one day…” or for photo shoots I’m styling. I have the same few shoes in rotation on a day to day basis, and you see those on here quite often. Those shoes are the ones that I sought out after I saw them floating around the internet and fell totally in love (that’s sort of how I buy shoes now, I must be riveted by them first). The same goes for this pair I’m wearing. I follow a lot of local shops on instagram, one being Sylvie and Shimmy, a quaint boutique located in my old neighbourhood, Parkdale. I saw these shoes, (and another pair I ended up buying) on their instagram and knew I had to pop by. I was in luck that day. They had one pair left of each shoe, and both were my size, so I guess it was fate, or something like it. I now pretty well only by shoes I know will get a lot of wear, and slowly but surely I will hopefully start to let go of (or sell) the pairs that are collecting dust.

*photos by Meaghan








DSC_0914Blouse: H&M
Skirt: vintage via Public Butter
Coat: vintage via Gisela & Zoe
Shoes: Sylvie and Shimmy
Tote: H&M
Socks: Target

Into It, Intimates / Kayleigh Peddie

edit7A lot of great things come out of Montreal – I keep coming across more and more brands and designers located in this beautiful city, and Kayleigh Peddie is no exception. Kayleigh Peddie is a lingerie and swimwear label, and the garments are totally handmade by the designer. From every design, to the finishing details, each piece is a true labor of love, which I absolutely love because you can be sure you’ll be getting a piece that has been tirelessly made out of hard work and devotion to their craft. I’m loving (how many times can I say love in one paragraph?!) the vintage feel of each piece, with interesting cut-outs and a whole lotta lace! Is there any other fabric that could make you feel both elegant and sexy? I think not! (maybe velvet?!) I’ve instantly become a fan of this label, and with good reason. Check out the shop here.

My favourites: Estelle Double Strap Bra, Estelle High Waist Panty, Ronnie Soft Bra, Ronnie High Waist Panty, Jada High Waist Panty, Ingrid Bra Black, Ingrid Roll On Garter, Vanna Lace High Waist Panty

Lykke Wullf

il_fullxfull.657367189_q8bkHave you guys heard of Lykke Wullf? I had not, until recently, through Skunkboy Blog. Well, it was more like in the Summer, but it wasn’t until I started following them on instagram that I really took a look at their garments and became quite fond of the brand. Their styling and aesthetic feels a bit gypsy-boho-punk (that’s a mouthful) at times, but I look at these pieces, and very much see someone like myself being able to wear them with a totally different vibe. I’m especially fond of their denim overalls. They have a distinct 70s feel to them which I obviously like. You’d be hard pressed to find an actual pair of vintage overalls that are not totally unflattering (baggy 90s overalls, i”m looking at you), so it’s nice to come across brands that offer something vintage-inspired that is not already totally over-saturated in the vintage market. And how about that eye print!? Obviously not a new idea, I’ve seen plenty of brands coming out with novelty eye prints, but that doesn’t stop me from liking every single one of them. This print is especially interesting because it reminds me of the pen and sharpie drawings my best friend and I would doodle on our tattered denim jeans and shoes when we were bored in high school. However, it didn’t look nearly as nice as these. I’ve always been a terrible drawer.

You can follow Lykke Wullf on instagram for updates and pretty things almost daily, and they also sell on etsy.


5 Years of Coriander Girl

DSC_0891On Sunday, Meaghan and I headed over to Coriander Girl for their 5 year anniversary party. Since chatting with Alison back when I interviewed her and took pictures of her shop for this blog, I knew what an important day this was for her. I’m sure when taking a leap of faith and diving head first into your dream job, you can only hope for the best, never really certain of the long term outcome. Being a business owner has got to be hard, and being a successful business has to be even more difficult. But if any shop would be a success, this one would be it. So congratulations Alison and the whole Coriander Family! I had such a lovely evening, meeting some new people, seeing old faces, snacking on delicious desserts (those donuts!!!), and getting my wine and cheese fix.


A House Is A Home

DSC_0860Our bedroom was the first room that really came together after the move. It’s not a very large bedroom, so really, deciding what and where furniture went was not a difficult task. Save for some picture frames that still need to find their rightful place on the wall (you don’t know how many times I move picture frames around until they find their desired spot…it’s embarrassing), and a couple things we need to finish off the room, it’s pretty well done. I had this dream of having a lot of white furniture and white walls (okay, we have the white walls), very bright, with colourful accents here and there – maybe a bright colored arm chair, a patterned rug – but alas, most of the furniture we own is wood, which to be honest, is very nice – we have some beautiful antique pieces (my dresser for one) – but obviously what I envisioned is not possible, for now. If doll hairs grew on trees, maybe then would my dreams come to fruition sooner than later. All In due time.

How rad is this dress by the way!? My internet pal, Ashley of Milk Teeths, posted it to her shop instagram, and my eyeballs immediately burst with love, and then after the love at first sight settled, I had a moment of panic, like, what if someone buys this before me? And then it was like daggers bursting out of my eyes. Anyways, seeing as how I had such a strong reaction to this dress, I knew I had to buy it, and so I did, and here we are. If you guys haven’t check out Ashley’s blog and shop (I’m sure you have), I urge you to do so. She’s such a charmingly funny, rad and beautiful gal, with an amazing eye for vintage clothes and housewares.

I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was pretty fun.






DSC_0824(oh hi Gus, thanks for joining us)


DSC_0870 Dress: vintage via Milk Teeths