TBC Flea

DSC_2256This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in my friend Amanda’s first flea market at her vegan bakery, Through Being Cool. This flea was particularly  more fun than previous fleas because it was filled with pals (yay pals!!!) I was vending along side Brendan who run’s the ever popular Explorer’s Press, flowers and garden designs by Lucy of Perrin and Rose, housewares and quirky knick knacks by Addy, art by Matt Darling, and zines by Permanent Sleep Press and Blood of the Young (i’m sure im missing a few people here, and i’m sorry!) It was so great to see the support that Amanda and all the vendors (myself included) received. It’s those types of days that I need to remind myself to step back for a second and really acknowledge how lucky I am, and how truly wonderful human beings can be. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all working so hard, and so creatively in life.

I didn’t end up taking that many pictures, but I do hope to go by the bakery on a regular ol’ day so I can share her delightful (entirely vegan) baked treats with you all, because Amanda bakes the best goodies! Vegan maple bacon donuts?! I mean, c’mon guys!!!












Secret / Ellen Rogers

ellenrogers_secret_171012_892I like the feeling I get whenever I go through Ellen Rogers’ work. It spooks me and chills me straight to the bone. It feels haunting and possessed like the genre of films I cannot, and will not watch. Yet, I have a hard time looking away from her work. There is so much detail, so much richness and thought put into each image, even if it creeps me out a bit (or alot), I can’t help but see how truly beautiful, and wholly itself it is. Not only does she shoot at locations that feel like the setting of a demonic possession, but the models she works with have the most haunting and striking features. Nothing gets overlooked, every part of each image feels on purpose, and I like that about it. It shows you the difference between someone who just fiddles with their camera and gets lucky (me, most of the time), and someone who really lives and breathes and masters their art. If you have not already looked through her work, both commissions and personal, I highly suggest it.



DSC_2104Today will be a day of simplicity. Simply being, simply loving and simply acknowledging what we tend to overlook. Simple photos of a simple vintage daisy shift dress, sparkly red shoes and a sweet dog. Sometimes it’s good to over-think (i am guilty of this too often), but some things need no explanation, and need little to no thought at all. We just simply love them, and that’s it. All these things I simply love. They have no great meaning and that’s okay.








DSC_2180Dress: vintage
Shoes: Seychelles
Bichon: one of a kind

Belle Vie / 04 (and behind the scenes)

DSC_1959DSC_1964DSC_1968DSC_1982DSC_1984DSC_2002DSC_2007DSC_2008DSC_20121. Meg and I took the dogs to run by the water – my poor little guys have been cooped up for months because of the long and endless winter. I don’t think they even know what to do with themselves outdoors anymore
2. I love living a close walk to the water – when I had quit my job a few years back and was unemployed for 1 month I started my mornings sitting on the rocks by the water, in the east end, sipping a coffee and enjoying the silence
3-7. A little behind the scenes of my April Larkspur Babes lookbook I shot at the Scarborough Bluffs this past weekend – i will be sharing the lookbook tomorrow, and have everything available in the shop on Friday

*all behind the scenes photos by Meaghan

Elizabeth Suzann Spring 2014

Spring_Digital_Final_1_1I love love love Elizabeth Suzann’s Spring 2014 lookbook. While I know it was shot in St. Augustine, FL. it gives me serious European vibes. I don’t know why, I have never even been to Europe, so the only thing I can go off is movies I’ve seen (Before trilogy anyone?), but it seems very relaxed and beautiful in that sense. The pieces are not really a style you can find me wearing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wholly appreciate her designs, and quite often find myself awing over women who pull off this style with ease. Don’t get me wrong though, if someone were to hand me a bunch of her garments, they would be dear friends of mine while lazing at home, long days at the beach and sipping a cup of coffee on a porch over looking the ocean (getting a little carried away now…). I am particularly smitten with the linen long sleeve midi dress, and could think of a dozen ways I could style it to suit my more is more frame of mind.

Photography: Anna Tucker
Styling: Rhiannon Leifheit
Model: Madison Bosworth


In defense of selfies

DSC_2045There are several positive things about the first truly warm day of the season. One, pretty well everyone is in a good mood. Two, bare legs! Three, rediscovering clothes that have been hidden for months. Four, realizing the coat, cardigan and scarf you wore on the walk to get produce is actually making you sweat. Five, bare legs!!! I was in very bright spirits for taking outfit pictures this weekend, not realizing that a HUGE number of people were also in very bright spirits and out walking on the first truly warm day of the year. Which brings me to my negative… my frequented spots for photo taking, the ones that have been void of people for months, are now filled with people. This scenario poses a problem for those of us who take our own photos (I’m assuming I can’t be the only one who feels this way) I avoid choosing locations where I know a lot of people will be when I am taking my own photos with a self-timer and tripod. Having people watch me take photos of myself makes me feel self-conscious, and sort of vain, even though having a personal style blog does not normally make me feel vain in the slightest. Had I had a friend taking these photos, I would not have felt awkward and strange at all. Sometimes I focus too much on what others could be thinking. In reality, I have no idea what they are thinking. My assumption is that it is entirely negative, but if I passed by someone taking photos of themselves would my first thought be negative? Definitely not. But I am entirely biased since I do this weekly. Maybe if I had zero insight into the world of taking, well, pretty  much “selfies”, maybe my initial reaction would be different. However, I do not consider the photos I take “selfies”, and have a great disdain for the term. I dislike how that term has turned self-portraits into a negative, and we could deem anyone who takes photographs of themselves as self-obsessed. I enjoy playing around with my camera, choosing different outfits, locations, composition and movements to create a mood, and generally all I have is myself to work with. It’s more to me than simply showcasing myself, but with instagram and the internet, peoples view on the age-old style of photography has become very much skewed. Anyways, all in all, these photos are not what i wanted them to be. I let my mind get the best of me, and never really got into my normal groove.






DSC_2081Shirt: vintage dress worn as top via Common Sort
Skirt: Larkspur
Socks: Target
Shoes: Seychelles – no longer available, but can be found here
Coat: vintage via Gisela and Zoe vintage