Into It, Intimates / Thread Beat

il_fullxfull.360020304_1dfqI came across Thread Beat on etsy almost 2 years ago. I immediately fell in love with this labels vibe, mostly for it’s unique sleepwear and intimates. To me, designer Rebecca Tanner-Russell’s inspiration for her sleepwear very distinctly comes from the 1920s to 1930s. I imagine much of these garments to be worn by the mothers of poor families during the Dust Bowl years – pieces worn around the house before covering up in a button down cotton midi dress. But nowadays anyone of these garments could be worn both inside and outside the house. I’d be happy to wear something like the outfit pictured above during the Summer, that is for certain.

My favourites: Button Eyelet Slip Underdress, Cotton Bralette and Bloomer set, Cotton Buttonback Petticoat and Bralette, Cotton Buttonwaist Camisole and Petticoat

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The Evergladies


So I have officially moved out of The Everglades – my home for the last 3 years. It is such a bittersweet feeling. I do like change, quite a lot, however I do become quite overwhelmed when too much change is happening at once. So this move was not the most fun (let’s just put it that way). But, c’est la vie, as they say. I have so many fond memories of this place. At one point, when I first started living here, 3 of my best friends lived in the building as well. We called ourselves “The Evergladies” and even had patches made (Thanks Kira!). It was the perfect set up. We could hang out any time we wanted, but never got super annoyed with eachother because we didn’t actually reside in the same home. It had a very “Melrose Place” vibe to it. As time passed, more and more friends started moving in to this building (it’s very reasonably priced, and if you know someone living there, it’s pretty easy to get in). It was nice always running into a a familiar face (and having people to borrow things from). But quite a few people have now come and gone, and I guess it was my turn. I decided to search through my archives to make a post with some of the shoots I have done in my now old, apartment. It was one of my favourite places to shoot photos. Mostly because I didn’t have to worry about passerbys staring at me, but also because it provided a fun backdrop. Hopefully my new place will prove to be just as fruitful and just as well loved.

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Daydream Manor

tumblr_nc0vhq5Typ1rn6caco9_500I was going to share an entirely (very) different collection today, but then I happened to browse Samantha Pleet’s new website and saw these images that I had seen behind-the-scenes of on instagram several months ago. Needless to say I got excited and decided to share it instead of what I had planned for today. But that is no surprise here. I am a long time fan of Samantha, everything she does, and the people she surrounds herself with. I liken her and the work/garments she produces to something of a enchanted-goddess-superhuman-angel. As you can see, when I like things, I tend to gush over them, like a lot, to an excessive point. But in all seriousness, her work and garments feel very otherworldly to me, and that’s probably why I like it so much, and will continue to enjoy them for years to come, I hope.

Photography: Hannah Kristina Metz
Model & MUA: Kristin Gallegos
Clothing: Samantha Pleet FW’14 & SS’15 collections

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Grace Under Pressure

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetWell things have been a little chaotic in my life as of late. The blog has been a bit neglected because of how time consuming moving has been for us. We opted not to rent a truck for the move since Ryan has a pickup truck, but that means we have been moving things almost every single day, leaving little time for anything else really. How I ended up owning so many things is beyond me. It’s made me realize I really need to learn to purge my things every once in awhile. Clothes is a BIG one for me (obviously, tee hee). It’s a bit tricky though because it seems most of the clothes taking up space are Larkspur items (oh how I wish I had a studio space!). I realized while moving just how much stuff I have yet to list that have been sitting in my “to-list” bin for what seems like months. I’m looking forward to getting a little more settled in this new space so I can bombard the shop with a ton of new stuff (and hopefully get it out of my closets). Anyways, I just wanted to give a wee update. It pains me a lot when I feel like I just don’t have the time to take pictures for this blog or update it regularly. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure I have things to share with you. But Ryan has tried to remind me that things don’t always go as we plan them (I have a hard time accepting that) and it’s okay for me to be busy with “real life” stuff, so I should not beat myself up when I can’t stick to my regular schedule.

Thanks for being patient with me guys. I’m hoping by next week things will be back to normal. I do plan to update this week as much as I can, so keep an eye out. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Blouse & Dress: second hand & vintage via Common Sort

For The Love Of Lingerie

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetWhile I’m in the midst of moving, things may be a little quiet around here until I get my internet switched over to the new place. In the mean time, I’d like to share a wee post Larkspur was featured in over the weekend at For The Love of Lingerie blog. I’m pretty excited about it since we all know of my love for lingerie, so it was very flattering to be featured as their Etsy pick of the week. Please check it out if you have a chance.

Take care dear pals. Hopefully I’ll be back here posthaste.

Bustier: vintage via Larkspur
Bloomers: vintage via Petrune

Kiss Me I’m Irish

DSC_0593I feel incredibly Irish while wearing this dress – green dress, red hair. I do have Irish in my blood, so it’s not totally off point that I’d feel Irish at times, especially in green. I’m not sure where I heard this – but I’m sure you have to – that redheads look best in green. I guess its the colour that compliments red hair most. I tend not to follow things like that. I don’t care much what looks best with my hair, I just wear what I like and ignore any rules. I picked this dress out from eShakti, and I only chose it because I liked the style, but once I put it on I really liked the way it made my hair pop. When eShakti contacted me to pick a garment from their website I was pretty excited. This company is great because they offer sizes 0-36W and custom clothing. Everyone’s body types are different, and it seems a bit insane to me that there are universal sizes that you must choose from or you’re out of luck. With eShakti you can pick the garment you like and customize the fit to your exact measurements. And on top that you are able to make changes to the garment. Want short sleeves? They can do that! You like midi length best? They can do that too. It’s a great idea and I wish more online shops would follow this system (it’s so hard to get a correct fit with online shopping! Am I right guys!?). With this dress I got 3/4 length sleeves because I thought it would be an excellent dress for the colder months, and I had it shortened because I’m going through a short dress/skirt phase right now.

If you are interested, you should definitely check them out. They carry a lot of retro and modern styles. I already have my eye on a few more things I’d love to add to my closet.
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*this is a sponsored post, but all thoughts are that of my own.









DSC_0607 Dress c/o eShakti
Tights: UO
Shoes: Seychelles

Nanushka AW ’14


Until very recently I had never heard of Hungarian designer Sandra Sandor and her label, Nanushka. I took quite a liking to this label almost immediately. The colors in her AW ’14 collection are absolutely to die for. I’m particularly smitten with the olive green garments paired with the beautiful salmon pieces – it’s like these two hues were mean’t for eachother (forever and ever, in holy matrimony). While I may dress pretty feminine most of the time, I generally try to incorporate some bit of men’s wear pieces into my outfits (button ups, oxford shoes et. al.), which is why I think this collection speaks to me. While the styling may feel a bit too normcore and sporty for my taste (save for a few), I could see myself having any one of these pieces in my wardrobe and styling them to my taste. All around it’s a fun collection with a lot of beautifully tailored pieces and just the right colors for Fall/Winter.

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