Shop Larkspur Late Summer Collection

photo (15)You can now shop Larkspur’s late summer collection online! Many of the pieces would transition nicely into a Fall/Winter wardrobe, so do not fret if Summer is coming to a close in your region. Pop by the shop today to take a look. I’d love to have you.

I will be going out of town this weekend, so anything purchased from today until Friday, Aug. 29th will be shipped on Tuesday, Sept. 2nd.

Into It, Intimates / For Love & Lemons “Skivvies” Holiday 2014

images.1015.1385279647.lrgFor Love & Lemons is the wild child of intimates (and ready to wear). Designers/owners (and bffs) Laura Hall and Gillian Mahin wanted to create a line for woman that rebels against the standards of modern society, for the modern gypsy punk. So when they released a collection of intimates, the sets and one pieces screamed rebel badass, as much as the lookbook and model did (and 70s vibes, anyone!?) They combine vintage and modern styles to create something wholly it’s own, and please someone like me who always needs a little old in the new. Their collections are the type of lingerie that could be worn as out-to-wear just as much as in-to-wear. They have since released a Spring 2014 collection and very recently a collaboration with Jena Malone (a fav of mine!!!), but I thought I’d share those collection separately at some point.

My favourites: unfortunately it seems none of these pieces are for purchase anymore on their site, but it’s safe to say my favourites are pretty well the whole collection.

Photography: Zoey Grossman
Styling: Ashley Glorioso
Model: Sheila Marquez at Supreme
MUA: Lottie Stanard
Hair: Ramsell Martinez
Designers: Laura Hall, Gillian Mahin and Keenan Evans
images.1017.1385279661.lrg images.1026.1385279715.lrg images.1031.1385279744.lrg images.1034.1385279764.lrgimages.1045.1385279823.lrgimages.1051.1385279856.lrgimages.1062.1385279914.lrgimages.1065.1385279930.lrgimages.1067.1385279939.lrgimages.1069.1385279950.lrgimages.1079.1385280010.lrgimages.1085.1385280045.lrgimages.1092.1385280083.lrgimages.1101.1385280135.lrgimages.1107.1385280168.lrgimages.1110.1385280190.lrgimages.1121.1385280287.lrgimages.1123.1385280300.lrgimages.1127.1385280326.lrgimages.1134.1385280361.lrgimages.1137.1385280376.lrgimages.1143.1385280410.lrgimages.1146.1385280423.lrgimages.1152.1385280465.lrgimages.1156.1385280485.lrgimages.1162.1385280519.lrgimages.1164.1385280531.lrg


Autumn14THE WHITEPEPPER is one of my favourite brands. Their penchant for creating fun, youthful pieces has consistently been something that speaks to me. The A/W ’14 lookbook brings to mind “exhausted mom”, probably because of the shots of the model serving up white bread, weighing out baking ingredients, serving spaghetti with a sullen look. Its like if an angsty teenager were to become a mother, but way more comical than the real life thing. Now the clothes! I am over the moon for the egg print. I am seeing a lot of novelty print lately, but I don’t think I have seen this yet and I like it. The corduroy dungaree dress is quite possibly my favourite, and is a perfect example of the sort of thing I would like to be wearing this Fall (it scares me that I’m talking about what I’d like to wear in the Fall). We all know I’m a fan of oxford shirts, or well, anything button up really, so I’m especially loving this crisp, simple oxford shirt with one wonderful detail…embroidered beans!! And of course, we can’t talk about the WP without mentioning their signature loose-fitting babydoll dresses. It seems they always come back with some version of that dress, which I think is great, because you could own one with a different print/detail for every day of the week, like some sort of sassy cartoon character that never seems to change clothes and we don’t ever question it. I haven’t been that excited by clothes in a long while, to be perfectly honest. It’s the same thing over and over lately – minimalist, neutrals, shapeless, boring (in my opinion) I hate to say it, but curse you ‘normcore’ – This WP collection made me genuinely excited about clothes again. So thanks The WP, you’re the best.


Belle Vie / 18

DSC_4641DSC_4657DSC_4662Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetDSC_4661DSC_4663DSC_4664
I barely picked up my camera in the last few weeks – save for taking outfit pictures – I really had not much to work with when trying to put together a Belle Vie post today (and didn’t even bother last week). All these photos are from Sunday, when Meaghan and I headed to the CNE, mainly to eat delicious gross food, and ride some, well, rides. We found ourselves sitting on a swan for a long while, taking polaroids of eachother, eating cotton candy and discussing how we feel at ease with one another if ever we absolutely need to instagram something when we should really be interacting with eachother – she just gets me, you know. It was a lovely girly date and the Ferris Wheel provided a fantastic aerial view of the CNE. I love this girl, it will be weird not living in the same building as her, and being able to see her but simply stepping outside my apartment door.

Larkspur Summer 2014

photo (13)And it’s finally here, Larkspur Summer 2014 lookbook! I know, I know, summer is basically well and over now…almost. What took me so long? Well a ton of things really. But the nice thing about running a vintage shop is you can pretty well do whatever you damn like. There are no rules in my opinion (right?!). So here we are. I hope you enjoy! All items in the lookbook will be available in the shop by the end of the week. So keep a lookout (although I’m sure i’ll let you know).

Photography: Gerald Larocque
Styling: Alexandra Spence – yours truly
MUA & hair: Lisa Arsenault of Pinch Cosmetics
Models: Alexandra Spence and Marta Andrzejewska



DSC_4549The search for a new apartment was quite fruitless (everyone is moving right now. curse you students!). The market to find and actually get the apartment you want is challenging right now. Ryan and I did not want to settle and sign a year lease on a place we thought was mediocre, so we decided to move into his current place since it has pretty much everything we require and desire in a home, save for some closet space and hydro is a nightmare in the colder months. It will be nice because I can move in there at a slow and less stressful pace. I have lived in The Everglades (yes, that is the name of the building!!!) for almost 3 years now. It’s a beautifully old art deco building from the 1920s. It does have it’s downsides, but it has been a place I could actually happily call home. But being a bachelor apartment, it just does not have space for 2 people and a dog to live comfortably. I am excited to move, mainly to de-clutter my life of the things I have acquired over the past several years and to decorate a whole new space (oh, and I guess start a new-ish chapter with my guy) This kitchen has always been my favourite room in my apartment. I lucked out when I got this place. The kitchen is in it’s own separate room (with a door) and gets plenty of natural light, which has always been my favourite spot to take pictures when I’ve been too lazy to trek to an outdoor spot. It will be sorely missed, I can say that for certain.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was just the right amount of busy and relaxing. I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, but in exactly one week I’ll be back in the Bruce Peninsula National Park, and I couldn’t be more excited!















DSC_4600 Top & bra: vintage via Public Butter
Skirt: Larkspur Shoppe (will be available soon)

Belle Vie / 17

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n3 presetDSC_4410DSC_4499DSC_4538DSC_4521DSC_4536DSC_4400DSC_44911-3. Ryan and I went to his friend’s/coworker’s wedding last Friday evening. And while I didn’t know a single person there (hadn’t even met the bride and groom), it was such a beautiful night. It was held in The Distillery District, and it was evening filled with drinks (too many), tasty snacks (cheese wrapped in syrup!!!), beautiful speeches (I cried), dancing and nice conversation with new faces.
4. This has become Gus’ blanket. For some reason it pleases me so to see him curled up in a comfy spot that isn’t on my lap. I like when he shows me even a shred of independence.
5-8. On Sunday Ryan and I went back to the Distillery because he had never actually been there before the wedding, but mostly I wanted a different setting for some photos. It’s a beautiful spot in the city, and one of the very few places that has maintained it’s rich history.
9. I’ve had Gus going on 4 years now. It pains me that I never had Gertie for that amount of time. I’m so happy to still have my wee Gussy, but I miss Gertie so. I thought I would have her with me for years to come, but you just never know what life will bring you.
10. Ryan so often wants Gus to be a rough and tumble kind of dog…but look at him, just a teddy bear. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he holds his own in the dog park with those big dogs, but all he really wants in this world is a snuggle and a belly rub. And to spy on the neighbours. Nothing bothers Gus more than suspicious (allegedly) movement outside our window.